Specialist facade planning

Our core business is based on the specialist planning of facades, as defined in AHO book 28 (ISBN 978-3-8462-0796-3). This involves both the new development and the renovation of facades. Although we appreciate service phases as defined by AHO book 28, we prefer an adjusted arrangement based on our experience and which is intended to bring you closer to the benefit of our approach. One of our main goals is to offer you maximum cost security, in terms of both building expenses and planning costs.

For us, the work begins with the development of the project-specific construction set (in accordance with phases 1.1-1.3 in AHO book 28). This early expert technical orientation has especially strong leverage with regard to the achievable project success and pertaining costs. Here, the foundation for economic success of the building envelope is laid. Company-neutral solutions guarantee healthy competition for an optimal facade design. During this phase a requirement profile is jointly elaborated with you, according to which different solution possibilities are developed and assessed. During this process, a consensus is found to establish which facade solutions the construction project should employ, in consideration of the structural and economical demands and those in terms of building physics.

These company-neutral solutions are the basis of the technical specifications (in accordance with phases 2.1-2.2 in AHO book 28). Guidance details are developed to illustrate which basic design are to be technically implemented and a construction description (with optional Bills of Quantity) is created which all serve one purpose: to receive optimal offers. Only when the executing companies areĀ able to prepare tenders with minimal uncertainty and based on a clearly defined, comprehensive task, an optimal price/performance ratio under the respective market conditions can be expected.

The concluding phases 2.3-2.4 of the AHO book aim at, in our opinion, ensuring quality assurance in the implementation of the previously developed optimisation. At this point, basic services involve support in clarifications and contract negotiations with bidders, as well as checking and approving the drawings of the executing company. However, these can be supplemented by additional services, specific to the project and just like all other service phases. As an investment in long-standing business relationships, we advise against services which we do not consider useful for the respective project.

If this service approach interests you, please consult the AHO book and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have about basic and additional services.

Expert opinion

Our service as an expert consultant is intended to provide you with the required understanding, using our expertise, of the matter being assessed. The situation in terms of building physics is displayed for you visually, if necessary using an isothermal programme. Structural calculations and/or diagrams are made and we can even create CAD illustrations in addition to a written evaluation.

Moreover, even better than just explaining the problem to you, we help to heal the patient. We will gladly suggest solution variations and accompany you, if desired, during the renovation process, from tendering to the final approval.