Behind the facade….

The team behind the scenes at Rache Engineering GmbH draws from the vast experience of the senior engineer after which the company is named, Ralf Rache. Not only does he share the knowledge he has gained through high-performance operations and many years of self-sufficiency in colleges and universities, but he also passes it on to our company and hence to our client’s benefit. His enthusiasm and passion for new facade developments have shaped many impressive references and are proof of his ability to implement ideas in the creation of new facades, even under difficult economic conditions, without neglecting the sensitivity for the desired architectural design.

The company’s core team can rely on different technical qualifications, from architecture to structural engineering and even mechanical engineering, as we believe in interdisciplinary effort as a driver of innovation, keeping in mind that each project requires its own individual solution.

….value for money

Even though the challenge of specialist facade planning stems from its complex interaction between design, structural engineering, building physics and compliance with standards and other areas, it is still indispensable to stress that our services generally create savings in construction costs that significantly exceed our fees.

Each facade must be tailor-made for the client. You can see from the extent of our references how serious we take this statement. The basis of our specialist planning consists of deeply-rooted and proven values which are based on our expertise in achieving sustainability and application of ethic principles; the following diagram also illustrates by way of example an orientation to areas which we balance out according to the requirements of the project.

We enjoy the challenge of meeting the job requirements you set out.